Gerard McGuickin

Design Writer

Me (abridged): I am a writer, idealist and thinker. I’m punctilious, principled and curious. I’m a design aficionado and urban explorer. Moustachioed and affable, I’m an inquisitive introvert.

Clients: ArchiExpo, Gessato, HEY GENTS, LZF Lamps, Seen PR (Anthony Dickens, Associative Design Portugal, Chisel & Mouse, Dare Studio, Design-Nation, Liqui Design, London Design Fair, The Future of Craft), and Vibia.

Offer: writing on design, content creation, editing, design thinking, public speaking, curation, and facilitation.

I love: good design, travel, specialty coffee, a hearty red (vino), Dolly Parton, and all things Japan.

Design ideology: Dieter Rams’s ten principles for good design.